We Are Lemmings!

Years ago we were fed that Ethiopia had a famine and people were starving. In Reality the ruling class harvested all the food and Sold It. There was plenty of food , but it was sold for profit. We were sold the Arab Spring was a political revolution, it was a food riot because the wealthy sold the food. We are constantly sold what they want us to know, They are Masters Of Misdirection, why because it fills they’re coffers and fuels they’re agenda. We are constantly manipulated because they have raised the cost of education to keep us lemmings. They don’t want us to know history because it will expose them. They tell us the Russians did it, that’s half right , they manipulated social media and we owned it hook , line and sinker. We were played because we wanted to be played. We were divded because it was easier to manipulate us. Money Talks , Humanity Walks. Banks launder money and make reckless decisions, the system bails them out and they reward themselves with our money. They get away with everything because they feed our government at their trough. Our leaders have gotten fat and grew lazy. They have redistricted us so we have no recourse to remove them. They restrict our access to the ballot to take up the slack. They tell us their serving the public but they are serving the lobbyists. Our doctors are servants to the drug pushers. And all this without recourse. All the while young black men are shot or imprisoned for minor offenses, while are white masters loot the system. White power is dying in America and they are afraid, they continue they’re plan to oppress us , but we have had enough. We are multicultural , gay , bi and straight. We are not Sunday Christians. We will continue to resist, So wave your flag of historic discrimination, it makes us aware of your true lack of morality. It will not Stop US! We are coming for You. Some call it change, Thomas Jefferson called it Revolution.

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You Got Played cont.

As I keep saying to Trump Voters …. You Got Played. He keeps giving the base what they wanted , knowing that the courts would stop him. The upside “I wrote an executive order and those damn liberal courts blocked me” . Win Win , the other promises ” On the First Day” nothing , that damn congress , than damn press , those damn libtards , that damn intelligence community , that dam judiciary. He couldn’t remember to put his hand over his heart at the egg roll , natasha had to tell him. He’s the F- in president , if that gesture was hard to remember , now we know why “healthcare is hard”.

Those Pesky Democratic Socialists

In a recent FB post a writer blamed waste in Government spending  on “Democratic Socialists…..

Democratic Socialists? you say that like its a bad thing. BTW it’s good to know if you lose your job you will decline unemployment checks and when you’re old , you will respectfully decline your Social Security. You’re probably against money to pay local Police, Fire and EMT’s. You probably will work over 40 hours without overtime and would love a job in a sweatshop . Damn Those Bleeding Hearts , Damn Them. Anything that Big has waste, Anything. Yes it’s broken , but you were probably all in on 5 Billion Dollars a week spend on the Afghan War when 19 of the 911 Hijackers were Saudi Nationals as well as Osama Bi Laden , and a member of a prominent Saudi family. Before you say it , I am proud to be a Social Democrat , yes one of them again. In case you don’t have a dictionary in your bookcase…. Social democracy is a political, social and economic ideology that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a capitalist economy, as well as a policy regime involving a commitment to representative democracy, measures for income redistribution, and regulation of the economy in the general interest and welfare state provisions. Social democracy thus aims to create the conditions for capitalism to lead to greater democratic, egalitarian and solidaristic outcomes; and is often associated with the set of socioeconomic policies that became prominent in Northern and Western Europe—particularly the Nordic model in the Nordic countries—during the latter half of the 20th century. And while i’m on a Rant, Congress sets the spending and they have Oversight power, A congress that was controlled by Republican six years of President Obama’s presidency . A Congress that told President Obama that he could NOT launch Airstrikes in Syria. I’ll bet you are a Trump supporter , he did it on his own, notifying the Russians but not his parties Congress. Here’s a question for you, Where does an American soldier eat dinner in Afghanistan , behind a rock. Where does a drone pilot eat dinner, At Applebee’s with their Family