What’s the End Game ?


All we hear about is ” smoke” , he said that they met on Tuesday when the wind was blowing from the east  and it was raining, at Trump Tower.  Who cares really, not me. So he or someone in his family is found to be guilty of a prosecutable crime what is the punishment Jail ? For who and what effect would it had, NONE! Pense for Prez , really from an internet troll to a bond villain. Ok, Paul Ryan, he’s may need a job soon anyway. Ok , the supreme court overturns the election results and places HRC and Friends in the White House and that will be accepted easily…NOT!  “The Deplorables” would be in rebellion because the government really did try to take their rights away. Bitch Pleez

We are talking about sending 3000 more Americans to fight in Syria. The “Not my son/daughter elite” are emboldened by the short term gains in Mosul. More Guns More Blowing Other People’s Neighborhoods up.

We need tax reform that allows the have’s to help the have nots , not install a heated towel drawer in their marble bathroom. You can’t tax the poor they don’t have money. The middle class is taxed everywhere you look. The Wealthy are the only ones with assets to tax. Do the math, something about blood out of a turnip.

We need Healthcare reform that doesn’t fund CEO salaries above 25 million dollars a year. Yea , I know they “worked for it” not those on the welfare tit living it up spending  4.40 a day on food, right?

We need Vocational Training and STEM training to staff jobs that are being created. Real jobs with benefits , not want fries with that sir. It’s what they did when a slogan on a red hat was a reality not lipstick on a pig.

Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain, He’s the Master of Misdirection



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