Money For Nothing

You demand that we stop giving  money to people that don’t work?

Those pesky retirees, handicapped and under employed, and those pesky 1% that don’t pay soc sec tax on income over 85,000. And those beggars that make over 250,000 annually that are taxed at 35%. In Eisenhower day , you remember when America was GREAT. The average tax rate on incomes over 250,000 was 70 to 90 %. Yea back when banks did’nt steal from account holders and then paid millions of dollars in bonuses. Yeah those dopers on Welfare , the ones two states found were less than 1% of recipients. I think we would be better off if we withheld more money from rich people including healthcare ceo’s . They have more money than those despicable poor people , Why not let them eat CAKE!!!!!


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