You’ve Been Played cont.

Trump promised many things on the Campaign Trail , Lets Review :

  1. First day on the job , appoint a special prosecutor for HRC-Didn’t Do it
  2. Repeal Obamacare- Advised Congress not to repeal until they replace
  3. Build a Wall- 25 Billion Dollars Mexico won’t pay
  4. Said Clinton would repeal the 2nd amendment- requires a vote by the states
  5. Bring back jobs- Indiana tax credits saved the carrier jobs
  6. Block Muslims from coming to US-Activity blocked by the courts


During the campaign he lashed out at those that disagreed with him. Now the media that put him in Office is against him. The intelligence community is out to discredit him.And the courts are against him. Read history,dictators silence the media and all dissenters. It’s History , not my opinion.

He said he would drain the swamp, yet his cabinet is a Who’s Who of corporate political cronies. His Education Sec. had never even been in a public school. His attorney general is a long time Alabama politician. His qualifications include years of representing the state of Alabama. The Justice dept is very aware of the political and social leanings of Alabama.


He can now say I tried to fulfill my promises but THEY won’t let me. He knew it would not happen, but you believed him. He’s a used car salesman , with apologies to used car salesman. Now I ask you would you put your son or daughter in car you bought from this man.

You got Played! We all got Played.



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